About Phpactor

Phpactor is an intelligent code-completion and refactoring tool for PHP.

  • Code Completion: Provides broad and accurate context aware code completion.
  • No indexing: Phpactor works in real-time and is optimized with composer. It is fast.
  • Introspection: Jump to class and method definitions, find references.
  • Refactoring: Move classes, complete constructors, implement contracts, generate methods, etc.
  • Native VIM plugin: Lightweight VIM plugin.
  • CLI interface: Most/some functionality is exposed through CLI commands.

Phpactor can be used in a limited way as a standalone application, but its full power can only be utilized through its RPC protocol. It ships with support for VIM and there is also a plugin for Emacs.

Phpactor is pronounced "factor", as in "factorisation" and "re-factoring". It is a large project and some parts are more fully realised than others but it is used as an essential tool in day-to-day PHP work.


Phpactor is made up of a few different packages:


Depends On

Phpactor stands on the shoulders of some other packages:

  • Couscous: This documentation is generated with Couscous.
  • Jetbrains PhpStorm Stubs: Built in PHP classes are supported through this stub collection from PhpStorm.
  • PHPBench: For tracking performance.
  • PHPUnit: The de facto standard PHP test framework
  • Symfony: The command line application is built with the Symfony console component.
  • Tolerant PHP Parser: Large parts of Phpactor are integrated with the TPP.

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